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Our Story

Beautycraft Apothecary is a luxury bath & skincare company based in North Eastern Pennsylvania. We create products with intention for the modern witch with a macabre aesthetic.

For Witches, By Witches
Owner and Creator, Ellie, Founded Beautycraft in November 2019.
Always fascinated by nature and it's healing properties, She started creating natural remedies for herself and living a very holistic lifestyle from a very young age. Wanting to learn all that she could about holistics and energies, Ellie studied massage, crystal healing and aromatherapy. She went on to become a licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Pennsylvania. She spent 10+ years in the beauty industry, fully committed to helping others feel their best. She realized how little time and love people actually gave to themselves. Wanting to change the awful stigma that we should put work and others first before our own wellbeing- Ellie mastered in Natural Skincare with a degree in Master Formulation of Vegan Skincare. Creating beautiful products that encourage people to take more time, to enjoy life and put their mind, body and spirit first.
She wanted these products to create an oasis in one's home, to create a safe comforting space.
Always having and affinity for all things dark, mystical and spooky, Ellie wanted to give the world something unique while holding true to her convictions...
"Beauty shouldn't come at a cost to animals, the planet or YOU!"
Our Mission
Our mission is to create a world where selfcare and self love is a priority to all. To offer products that not only look beautiful but are created naturally with only the best ethically sourced ingredients. Products that not just touch the surface but enlighten the soul. Our ethereal fragrances have the power to help your mind escape into mystical realms through ambient scent combinations.  We deviate from the industry norm by giving you the key to write your own rules on YOUR beauty! Our purpose is to give you the power to feel radiant. To love and embrace your inner self - Fearlessly and Unapologetically.


Welcome to The Self-Care Coven.

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