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Coven Commitments


First and foremost, we want to build trust in our community. We may not be everyone's cup of tea aesthetically, But the wellbeing and safety of those in our community is extremely important to us. Our shop is a safe space - our lines of communication, our ears and our hearts are ALWAYS open to anyone who needs comforting and acceptance.

Times are ever changing and with great change at that - We are committed as a company to always improve and do better. We are human and sometimes make mistakes. If we do, kindly let us know. We want the chance to do right and to evolve. Our commitment to making a difference means we are entirely inclusive and will not tolerate anything less.



Our furry familiars are our friends - They are for loving, not using.
There was no question when starting our company, being a vegan brand was the basis of everything we wanted to create. With so many alternatives, We found it very unnecessary to contribute to the use of any animal products, biproducts or animal testing. 
From the start, we made a conscious decision to source only ethical ingredients of the highest quality. This means we continually check all of our suppliers to make sure that what we purchase from them is in no way associated with animal testing or the exploitation of animals.



We made a very serious commitment to be responsible when it comes to sourcing what we use and sell in our shop. Everything from botanicals, oils, butters and other raw materials to our glassware and every bit of packaging is sustainable and gathered from local reputable suppliers.

We love this big beautiful planet. It is the only one we have and we need to do what we can to keep it beautiful. We strive every day for more ways to improve our packaging and daily routines in our shop to consciously look after our planet. In our shop, we encourage the return of empty glassware and reusing kraft gift bags. At our testing station sink, we have switched to using 100% ultra sustainable bamboo paper towel that is completely plastic free.
For shipping - We use plain, uncoated cardboard shipping boxes and kraft paper filler and use recycled when we can. All of our product packaging is glass, biodegradable kraft material or paper- with the exception of our wax melt and deodorant containers - they are made of PET plastic which is a widely recyclable material....PLEASE DO YOUR PART. Any less than perfect products will be repurposed as samples or gifts with an order. There is always room for improvement, we know. That's why we look for new ways everyday to make a change towards being more sustainable as humans and as a business.

We are pleased to share that we are a climate positive workforce. For every order made, 1 tree is planted in our Ecologi Forest. We also offer carbon neutral shipping by by UPS, which offsets our carbon emissions at no extra cost to our customers. 
Becoming a carbon neutral company is very important to us and we are always looking for more was to achieve that goal. As we make changes, we will be sure to update our customers through every step of the process.

Every product is made entirely by hand...and love of course. Our products are crafted in small batches. We have no machines or fancy equipment and will NEVER involve a factory. It's a labor of love but we take pride in owning that we crafted every aspect of our products with our own hands. From sourcing, formulating to container filling, label design and packaging is completely done by us. No two items are alike and we will never be a cookie cutter brand.

Honest feedback from our customers means everything to us. As a small business we never stop learning or growing. We always want to know what we can do better. A lot of the changes we have made thus far have been thanks to our supportive customers. Our reviews are automatically posted to our website and never vetted. Genuine reviews are important not only to us as a business but to other customers as well. Striving to be more transparent than Casper the friendly ghost.
If there is ever an issue, we absolutely want to hear about it! We always respond within 24 hours and take any and all concerns seriously. We want you to be over the moon about your purchase and if you're not, PLEASE let us know!


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