For Witches | By Witches

I founded Beautycraft in November 2019.
This wild adventure all started because I was tired of the mundane. The world was on the verge of a global pandemic and everything was being shut down, so I decided- "what better time to relax and finally put myself first?!". My bathtub became a pretty frequent retreat. Unfortunately, being a super earth concious vegan AND in love with the dark and grim- I ran into one major issue...Most of the bath and body products that fit my aesthetic and needs, were filled with junk ingredients!

It became my personal mission to create vegan bath and body products with nothing but clean ingredients and a dark yet elegant aesthetic.

It didnt take long before my little hobby turned into a full time job. I already studied aromatherapy and crystal healing and spent 12+ years in the beauty industry as a licenesed professional- But I knew if I was going to continue and do it right, I was going to need the proper knowledge in that particular subject. So I did just that!

I mastered in Natural Skincare with a degree in Master Formulation of Vegan Skincare.

Through all of this, I realized how little time and love people actually gave to themselves. I wanted to change that and give everyone a reason to make themselves a priority. I wanted to offer products that created an oasis in one's home with an ingredient list that gave you piece of mind.

"Unwind. Set Your Intentions. Hail Thyself"

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world where selfcare and self love is a priority to all. To offer products that not only look beautiful but are created naturally & ethically. We deviate from the industry norm by giving you the key to write your own rules on YOUR selfcare. Our purpose is to give you the power to love and embrace your inner self - Fearlessly and Unapologetically!

Welcome to the Self-Care Coven.